About Me

I’ve known I wanted to teach for a very long time.  I was intrigued with science at a young age by my mother, who was a quality control lab technician, as well as an elementary school teacher who piqued my interest further with an examination of salt crystals.  My high school science teachers, Darrell Sorrels (former Superintendent of the Polk County School District) and Gayland Cooper (Superintendent of Rome City Schools) nurtured my interest further with dynamic classrooms and field trips to Skidaway Island, the Okefenokee Swamp, and Oakridge, Tennessee.  My formal education was at the University of Georgia, where I met my first personal computer.  Even though I was being trained as a teacher, the possibilities the Apple II offered intrigued me.  So much so that I was the one dragging the one given to each school from outside the Principal’s office down to my classroom for my students to use.  After 18 years of integrating technology into chemistry and physics classes I taught, I was tapped to join a group of people whose charge was to assist teachers with the integration of technology into student learning.  This involved everything from crawling around on the floor of a kindergarten classroom helping children log into a network, creating content to assist students and teachers to use new (to them) technology, trying new technologies on my own, and giving input into district policy.  Due to budget constraints, that department was eliminated in the district in June of 2009.  I was able to return to teaching in a science classroom in August of 2009.  I am continuing to integrate available technologies into my students’ learning.

I live in Marietta with my wife, daughter, boxer, and siamese cat.  I enjoy playing tennis and looking for new ways to excite my students about learning with technology